Quarantine gifts for your loved ones

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Quarantine gifts for your loved ones

Quarantine is treating all of us differently, and it’s a natural variation. We as Human beings are not habitual in living isolated because we are social animals for a reason. Isolation​ might be good at times but here, few of us are isolated from our own loved ones. We are stuck at places and virtual media is the only way out to get to our loved ones through phone calls and video calls. People are celebrating birthdays and anniversaries by connecting through virtual media and it could provide them with a sense of relief but what if we give you a good solution to boredom? This solution by the leading gift venture GiftsnGallery will help you come out with amazing and beautiful ideas for your special ones and will give you an opportunity to showcase their importance in your life. Remember all those times that made you extremely busy that you got no time to think of a memorable gift for your loved ones, but now when we have all the time to ourselves let’s get a bit thoughtful and think of something beautiful for them. Thank GiftsnGallery later! Wish karo, Gift karo!

Quarantine gifts for your Parents

  • Tree Shaped Photo Frame – Family is indeed like a tree and parents are its roots. This lockdown season provide GiftsnGallery with ten to twelve of your memorable pictures with your parents and watch as we make a tree out of it.
  • Digital Painting – Technology has been the most useful source of invention done by mankind. And today we merge the concepts of technology and creativity to bring to your doorstep the art of digitisation. Give a digital painting to your parents by providing us with their best picture and showcase it in the hallway.
  • Birthday Personalised Fridge Magnet – Refrigerator is the most visited part in our house and every fridge has memories of childhood because we relate to our Mother’s recipes and Father’s attempted dishes. Get a personalised sticker of your family photo which will recall all the nostalgic moments whenever you hold the fridge door.
  • Personalised Magic Pillow – We all are obsessed with home decor and so do our parents or should we say, that they are more obsessed! How beautiful that gift would be, which fills their imagination with magic? Our parents have always wanted that one colour changing glittery magic pillow they watched on TV and here is the change to give them the personalised one.
  • LED Personalised CushionCushions are never out of fashion for mother’s, and it true too. Personalised cushions can be covered easily but what if you get that extra lighting effect on your everyday cushion piece? Get your personalised cushion highlighted with LED and see your parents getting happiest.

Quarantine gifts for your Partner

  • Best Couple Heart – Heart is the most precious thing you can offer to someone you love and adore. And what will be better if you present them a heart this season ? Because​ valentine’s is never off season. Get a photo frame in the shape of a heart with your lover’s picture in the middle.
  • Heart Shaped Collage Photo Frame – A big heart that covers all the memories, may it be small or big. We get you a big heart shaped collage where you can embed all the pictures which you have cherished the most. Give us the opportunity to build something beautiful for you by providing us with the pictures.
  • Alphabet Photo FramePhoto frames come with so many variations no matter which shape or size you wish to have them, it is available. The new shape which is in demand these days is the alphabet photo frame where you can choose the initial of your loved one and can give us pictures accordingly and it will be ready, your own initial personalised photo frame.
  • Couple Names Cartoon Personalised MugDigital art is something people have started appreciating these days also, it’s fun to have and serves as a unique piece of art. You as a couple can have your expressions cartoonish and get it engraved on your daily coffee or tea mug and get a happy giggle every morning.
  • Heart Shaped Magnet Photo FrameThis is a unique gift on its own, usually photo frames result in many holes on your colourful walls but this one comes handy. Get your photo frame stuck anywhere you find the magnet works, extremely handable and convenient.

Quarantine gifts for your Siblings

  • All About Me Personalized Photo FrameAll our siblings are ugly creatures for us and we don’t mind this stirr because it’s the part of this bond. Get their personality engraved with pictures and write all the beauty you never will have the gut to say to them.
  • Customised LudoThanks to Ludo, for taking responsibility for all the fights in a family. After you are done playing ludo online, get your siblings a funny customised Ludo with all their funny pictures together.
  • Personalized Name Photo Frame – Everyone loves their name and we have siblings that have an interesting pet name we love to tease them with and so this lockdown, plan a beautiful name personalised photo frame for your siblings choosing a really good childhood name.
  • Personalized Playing CardsOne can never have enough cards to play buff, and we all have siblings we love playing cards with and this is really creative to have your pictures on the cards for the addition of that little fun and quirkiness. Get us your pictures and we will make you your own deck of personalised cards!
  • Personalized NewspaperThese days newspapers are not that much in trend because of the advent of so many applications on phone, free and convenient. But your partners in trouble will absolutely love this newspaper which will be wholly customised according to all the mischiefs that you all did and made your childhood worth it.

NoteWe are providing digital frames for all the designs. You will get it delivered in the customer’s inbox.


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