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52 reason why i love you

Love combo: Tell your loved one what she means to you in 52 different ways with this combo that..


A Magic Hand

Being an Artist is the same as being A WIZARD , only instead of a Wand they use pencil for a magic.&..


Balloons Everywhere

"Balloons Everywhere" Confused about how to plant the best surprise for your girlfri..


Dadda Daddi

Creamic Couple Idol Young people need something stable to hang on to a cultural connection, a ..


Love Beyond Boundaries

Love we have been told, transcends all man made boundaries .So,we thought of coming up with somethi..


Micro art

"Micro Art in a Bottle"Our best selling product is up for grabs at a highly cut down pri..

Rs2,650.00 Rs1,650.00

Micro Art Frame

"Micro Art in a Frame" Our best selling product micro art gifts is up for grabs at a highly cut dow..

Rs2,850.00 Rs2,050.00

Mr and Mrs Door Frame

They say first impression is the last impression. Why do you want your guests to see your name on th..


Name frame

Name FrameGiftsnGallery has revolutionized the gifting experience through innovation and creativity...


One Size Fit All

One Size Fit All :-Tired of boring frames that eat up a lot of space? This one is for you.Keep your ..


Personalized led cushion

Personalized LED cushionDitch the regular and mainstream gifts and up your game with this s..


Puzzle for the loved ones

"Customized Jigsaw Puzzle" An exquisite and exclusive piece. A twist..



"Customized Scrapbook" If you are planning to gift a customized scrapbook but are no..


Sing a Song in a studio

The Inner Voice:Music is a piece of art that goes into the ears straight to the heart.So keep calm a..


The Locked Secret

Travel back and forth in time with this timeless gift. Store all your secrets  or the deepest m..