Fearless in the wild

Fearless in the wild

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Personalized Camp Gift
An assorted set of almost everything you may need for a memorable camping experience.
Step outdoors confidently without an ounce of fear as this set of products is sure to take care of your needs in the jungle.
A Swiss knife, with 8 different types of blades, a powerful cell powered led head lamp, a mariner’s compass and a key ring cum calendar is what this set includes. What else could you possibly need!

-A magnetic compass
-A multipurpose 50 year calendar key-chain.
-Bear Gryll’s swiss knife.
This summer camp gift is ideal for a travelling enthusiast who would make good use out of it.
You never know what you shall encounter in the wild. Better be prepared with an amazing Travel kit if you ever venture out with your friends or family in the jungle.
Shop our Beautiful Selection of personalized Camp Kit including-
-A powerful dual LED headlamp.


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