love is in the air

love is in the air

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Cessna 172 aircraft.
Get chauffeured with your loved one into the air for an unforgetful experience. If you think hiring a limo is too mainstream take a ride in one of our aircraft at prices starting  INR 14,000 for the seat of two.
We make it easy to find, book, fly, and pay for aircraft rental right here on your desktop, your tablet, or with your smartphone. with GiftsnGallery  you can propose on aircraft or propose in sky by using our aircraft on rent.
Learn about any type of aircraft and check out aircraft news and reviews to stay updated on the latest aviation advancements
Please note that:
-The pilots are International Aviation Agency certified.
-Pay a merge 1500 INR to book a third seat on the plane.
-The thrill last for 30 mins
To get an overview of the booking process contact @ 9015405330 (48 hours in advance). Love is in the air, we have often been told, let us experience it first hand now! 

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