An Eventful Day

Posted by Nitish 19/03/2017 1 Comment(s)

I have recently shifted to Delhi from Ranchi after getting married a year back. Last week I was to celebrate my first marriage anniversary. I had put a lot of thought so as to make this day memorable for both my husband and me. After zeroing on a perfect wrist watch for him quite easily, I started facing a lot of obstacles.


I had planned a small get together for my closest friends and family members without consulting my husband. The task seemed a mammoth initially as I wasn’t able to get good leads for decoration, catering, photography etc.  Given my lack of prior experience in arranging anything of this sort. The few people I did contact for decoration offered unreasonable packages. Naturally, I was perplexed as there was a meagre day or 2 left before the actual celebrations.


After a lot of searching on the Internet, I landed on a website known as and the kind of testimonials I read quickly caught my attention. I browsed through their website which was loaded with unconventional gifting options, gifting experiences, the kind of things you get to watch only in Bollywood movies. There was also a section wherein they were providing party solutions like décor and photography.

I quickly called them up and was surprised by the warmth of their service from that point onwards. Given the paucity of time, I quickly placed an order for the decoration of my hall. I did not have to follow up or instruct them after that. It was such a hassle free experience.


On the designated day, a professional turned up on time and decorated the entire room with 300 balloons, streamers, photographs and whatnot. What was even more amazing was that the entire task was completed in less than an hour.




At the end, I was also gifted a huge designer photo frame, courtesy GiftsnGallery. In a time like this, when most similar businesses’ only objective is to dupe innocent customers, GNG turned out to be such a pleasant surprise. I received a lot of appreciation from everyone I had invited to the party and especially my husband.

I wish they keep up the good work. Cheers!



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23/02/2018, 10:56:08 AM

Beautiful event is...... I also wish to spend such event with my bf. Could u pls plan

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