5 Best Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day

Posted by Nitish 11/02/2017 0 Comment(s)

  1. Propose in a limo


  This can be a perfect idea for those who drool over fancy cars.


  And coming to fancy cars, what can beat a limo??   


 So, take yours partner for a romantic ride and pop up the question right there.


 You're nearly sure to get a "YES".








2. Food Walk  


Good food can melt anyone's heart. If your partner is a foodie,  go unconventional this valentine's day. Rather than a fancy date, take them for a foodwalk through the lanes of Chandni Chowk, Nizamuddin Colony or Majnu ka Tilla. Let them inhale the aroma  of mouth-watering biryani, the tinder kabab rolls bathed in butter and mint chutney, the irresistible Dahi Butter Chicken or have a blast in the mouth with lapping * your partner will love you for the enriching experience.



 *While you also get to know the amazing history of these gems of Delhi.  


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3. Couple Photoshoot


Love photographs?? Put on your best dress and get 



 a wonderful photoshoot done with your beloved.



 Create your own fairytale !! ❤❤❤




4. Order Cake online


 Impress your loved one by satisfying their sweet tooth.


 order a delicious customised cake as their valentine's


day gift they will definitely remember you with every


 bite that they eat. ORDER NOW!!



5. Aircraft

Love is in the air, huh?? So why not take your loved one                                 

in the air and make it a lifetime memorable experience for them? 

Get personal aircraft for 30 minutes and see your

partner hitting cloud 9 !!










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