The Best Valentine Date

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I shall never forget the 14th of February,2017.It was the first time that I had someone in my life on that day but more so because he had chalked out a wonderful plan to make the day indelible in my memory.We met post lunch and there was a sedan waiting for us. I thought it was an ordinary cab but as soon as I opened the door of the car, I saw balloons kept everywhere.I gasped and looked at him.He smiled.I didn't realise but this was just the start.We took our seat and our car headed towards Lodi Gardens. I saw a white envelope placed beside me.He asked me to open it.It has a big chocolate and a beautiful ring in it which he lovingly inserted in my ring finger.I could not stop smiling. I felt lucky to have found him.

We reached Lodi Gardens and he introduced me to three people. They spoke to us like they already knew us and were waiting for us.

I was getting confused now. One of them had a fancy camera in her hand. She told that she knew I had been a model and requested if she could do a shoot with me.

I looked at him in doubt.He asked me to go ahead. I felt ecstatic posing for the camera after a long time. I gave her my best poses.There were two boys who were planning and picturing every shot at every beautiful location there. They were making every effort to ensure that we were comfortable, happy and were having a great time. A lot of couple pictures were also taken. Truly, 5-star love was in the air.


Surprises were yet to come.We left Lodi Gardens and sat in the car to head for dinner.The cab driver and Vivek exchanged a few glances. The driver now had a package to offer. On opening it, I found a bottle of wine and a red velvet cake waiting for me.My happiness knew no boundaries.We stopped in front of an expensive 5-star restaurant and walked into it.We had an amazing dinner comprising whatever.We talked a lot.While leaving the restaurant, the guard gave us a rose bud and a cute little gift.It was the best date of my life.On asking him as to how he managed to plan everything so efficiently, he said that the entire credit goes to an e-commerce startup known as Gifts n Gallery.The motive of this startup is to gift experiences. He just had to tell them his budget and they planned the entire date within the budget in the best possible manner, ensuring perfection and satisfaction at every step.Later that very same day, we got copies of the 10 best couple photos clicked that day and they even got a portfolio made for me. 



I was amazed to see this magnitude of dedication in the team and I would recommend others to help Gifts n Gallery plan beautiful experiences for their loved ones.I enjoyed every bit of the surprise and that day has also strengthened the bond between me and Vivek.


Way to go, Gifts n Gallery! 

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